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Comprehensive on-site service and support 24-hours-a-day.

PC - Mac - Clones - Networks - Voice Systems - Kiosks - Touchscreens - Point-of-sale - Web Sites - Systems Integration - E-Commerce - Independent Webmaster Services
Home, Office, Industry and Corporate Sites - No site too large or too small - We service remote and co-location sites


For immediate help call the office closest to you.

Telephone support fees start at $4.99 per minute for non-networked PCs and $5.99 for networked PCs, with a $45 minimum, billed to your credit card.

E-mail support is $189 per hour for contact and research time, with a $45 minimum, billed to your credit card.

We do not support illegal software installations.

Not all problems can be resolved by telephone or e-mail support.

The laws of physics, the state of the technology, the readily available knowledge and skill, and how the various vendors designed their "solution", may prevent a successful resolution of your situation.

Please provide all known details of your problem when you call . . .

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