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Comprehensive on-site service and support 24-hours-a-day.

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About Us



AAA COMPUTER HELPER serves you, based on:

Your needs

The shared knowledge of a group of consultants (for no one person is capable
of knowing everything about computers)

Impartial advice given without conflict-of-interest. AAA COMPUTER HELPER
does not sell hardware or software. (A store will only recommend what they
sell. Most consultants are salespersons in disguise, whose solution
involves the hardware and/or software that gives them the largest profit,
rather than the solution that is in the customers best interest.)

SERVICE is our only business! - - - No product sales.


In 1977, Computer Helper began as a consulting firm specializing in systems analysis.
It adopted its present name in 1990.
Many of its consultants have over 30 years of computer science experience.
These years of experience at the cutting-edge of new knowledge serve the best interests of our loyal customers.

Repeat customers and their referrals constitute 87% of our business.
Our customers range from Fortune 100 companies, to Hollywood stars, to politicians, to small home offices.

The confidentiality of our customers is assured, we do not rent or sell our mailing list.